Aero Shake

Aero Shake 1.3

Minimize all windows except the one you shake


  • No installation required
  • Very visually appealing
  • A good way to get used to Windows 7 features


  • Totally pointless... but nice though

Not bad

Since the announcement of Windows 7 we've been reading a lot about the most outstanding characteristics of Microsoft's next operating system.

One of these features is the so called Aero Shake, which enables you to minimize all opened windows just by shaking the one you want to focus on. And with this simple app, Aero Shake, you can enjoy this particular feature right now, in Windows XP.

Simply launch the program and once it's loaded, grab the window you want to leave open with your mouse and shake it a few times. You'll see how all the other windows are magically minimized to the taskbar.

Aero Shake is a very simple app and as such, it doesn't have a proper graphical interface. What's more, the settings menu is just an INI text file that you'll have to edit with Notepad in order to configure it. The program works fine though, and adds an original and handy touch to your dear old XP.

With Aero Shake you'll be able to enjoy one of the most outstanding Windows 7 features in Windows XP.

Aero Shake


Aero Shake 1.3

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    Great Piece Of Software.
    the aero shake program is a good organizing all your windows and is a great imitation o...   More